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First, these pages are a learning landscape, a place to experiment, a place to fail gracefully and recover. Second, this is an introduction to me and my work, my thoughts, leanings, inspirations and drivel. Third, this site is for me to be able to access my favorite links from wherever I happened to be logged on, without having to memorize my bookmarks. This site will be under construction until the twelfth of Never, or the Second Coming, whichever comes first.

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Sorry about the lack of graphics. I'm not to that point yet, but if someone wants to suggest some nice and easy starter ideas, I'm open. One of the things this experiment was for was to help recession-proof my income. Web skills might be useful, although it will take considerably more than demonstrated here to generate any income. For a list of useful recession/depression skills to have, click here. I'll be more than happy to add anyone's suggestions.

Anyway, thanx for looking over my site. Sorry about all of the pop-up, but it's a free site, what can I say? Tell everyone you know how fabulous my site is, or I'll come over and soap your Windows(c). or something. I have a lot to learn about marketing.

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These are links I consider extremely important, high priority information or action items.

Bill of Rights Enforcement!

Project Safe Skies

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Personal Stuff

I am a libertarian Christian. My belief in Jesus is important in my life, but I am not a fan of organized religion. IMHO organized religion ends up spending most of it's time and energy staying organized. I lean toward Thomas Jefferson and Tom Paine in my political views, and while I espouse libertarianism, I also believe it is too late to work within the current political system in the United States. At this point I do not advocate any kind of violent overthrow of the current government. I don't think it will require any outside action for this behemoth to collapse under in its own weight, much as the late USSR did.

In no particular order, I am also a
writer, a shooter (but not often enough), an industrial engineer (see, it says so right here on my diploma), and a customer service specialist / trainer / consultant (whatever you need).


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